18 Travel Tips For a Better Flight You Need to Know

18 Travel tips you need to know

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There are a few travel tips you can use to make your flight journeys more enjoyable as traveling by plane is not always an easy thing. Here are a few of them from a leading industry expert.

Travel Tips 1: Use the fastest means of communication

You may realize the need to communicate with the airline support service before, during or after the flight. The most effective way of doing this is with Twitter. This usually gets an almost instant response from their customer service attendants.     So, the next time you are wondering why there is a delay, send a polite Twit to the customer service. Would you like to be assisted with booking arrangements? A Twitter message will do. It is fast, convenient, and it will get you a timely response.

Tip 2: Avoid plane water

Airplanes have no way of replenishing their water tanks during flight. As such, they stock up on the water when they are on the ground. Unfortunately, the water tanks are not always cleaned thoroughly. To avoid having any stomach upsets after the flight, carry your own bottled drinking water. Also, avoid taking tea and coffee during the flight.

Tip 3: Use an iron to smooth out wrinkles on clothes

You may want to consider carrying a flat iron to smooth out wrinkles on your clothes before you disembark.

Tip 4: Carry phone accessories

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Carry a phone charger to use during the flight. Charging stations on planes are usually crowded, and you may not get the space to charge your phone.

Tip 5: Use hotel toiletries

It will be cheaper for you to reuse hotel toiletries as opposed to get fresh ones from the airport. Indeed, most hotel toiletries meet the TSA standards and are admissible.

Tip 6: Ask for enough snacks

You are allowed to eat as much snack as you want, at no extra cost. So, do not starve yourself on the journey. However, alcohol is chargeable.

Tip 7: Carry your own sleeping mask


Airport shops tend to be pricey, even when they are duty-free. To avoid incurring this extra cost, carry your own sleeping mask, headphones, and such other personal items.

Tip 8: Carry your meds

The crew does not offer any meds. If you need hand sanitizers, vitamins, and other essentials, remember to pack them before the flight.

Tip 9: Remember to hydrate

Water is important to help you keep hydrated during the flight. You may also consider packing moisturizer and lip balm.

Tip 10: Save on space

Look for ways to save on space so that you do not have to carry a lot of luggage.

Tip 11: Take short walks to avoid fatigue

A common complaint amongst frequent fliers is that of swollen feet. You can avoid this by taking short, regular walks on the aisle.

Tip 12: Use dry sheets

Dry sheets will keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh. Wet sheets will do just the opposite.

Tip 13: Avoid window seat

Window seats provide great sights (especially during takeoff and landing). However, they expose you to cold. Avoid them if you do not have really warm clothing.

Tip 14: Mask stinky smells

Since the plane is packed with people, you are likely to encounter some unpleasant smells. You can mask these by dabbing some essential on the lapel of your jacket (or any other appropriate place).

Tip 15: Be keen about your luggage weight

Airplanes have luggage weight limits – usually 50lbs. Anything above this is charged as much as $200! To avoid incurring this extra cost, ensure that you weigh your luggage before you leave home.

Tip 16: Roll clothes instead of folding them

Rolled clothes have two advantages. First, they will take up less storage space. Second, they are less likely to wrinkle even when your bag is mishandled.

Tip 17: Carry a pen

You may be required to fill in some forms upon landing especially if you are traveling abroad. A pen will come in handy under such circumstances.

Tip 18:  Be courteous

It never hurts to be courteous. Be courteous to the crew and to your fellow passengers. This way, you will contribute to their enjoyment of the flight. The above 18 travel tips are bound to enhance your flight experience. Go ahead and try them during your next journey.

Do you have any other Travel tips that can be used during a flight? Please share with us.

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